About Us

By bringing together highly skilled and trained clinical practitioners in areas such as prenatal education and lactation support, The Mother Nurture Network provides comprehensive and supportive care, no matter where one might be in their journey. We want to be a part of your support system and help you find your own path into parenthood.

Lactation Team

Terry Gass RN, IBCLC
Valerie Petty BS, IBCLC
Alyssa Borrilez MPH, IBCLC
Carole Chacon BS, AS, IBCLC

Parenting & Prenatal Education Team

Sarah Straton Certified Parent Educator, Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology
Kelly Hendrickson RN, Certified Childbirth and Lactation Educator
Vince Dipane retired Firefighter/Paramedic, CPR Instructor

Owner/Managing Director

Susanna Lutton Co-Founder, MPH

Get in Touch

Email: Mail@MotherNurtureNetwork.com